I am a practical and hands on engineer with a passion for anything technical, be it electronic, mechanical or scientific. After graduating with a First Honours degree in Electrical & Electronic Engineering from Cardiff  I have pursued several Engineering roles in various design houses and also worked as a test rig designer for a micro machining company. I have always enjoyed repairing things and investigating the inner workings of industrial and commercial equipment, the more esoteric and obsure the better and have a great working knowledge of design methodology. I have over a decade of experience in laying out and prototyping PCBs as well as Digital, Analogue and System design, Panel Building, Interface and Cable Loom as well as Fabrication and Design for Manufacture. I also have significant workshop experience and am a keen Welder and Machinist in my spare time.

E-Mail : a l e x @ ajlg . co . uk

Alex Grant,
May 11, 2021, 2:08 PM